Best written expression of the class !

Dear Alexandra,


HI, I'm Georgette, I'm thirteen years old and I'm Belgian. I have brown hair.

I've got one siter, Mathilde. She's 17 and one brother Ethan, he is seven years old.

We live in Mons with our mother because my parents are divorced. My father lives in Tunisia and every holidays, we go there to see him.

I have a boyfriend, Romain. And you? Have you got a boyfriend?

I do judo every Wednesday and Saturday and I dance too. I love this.

My school is in Mons and I learn English since I'm 10 years old. My best friend Charlie too.

I'm very talented in languages.
Do you do a sport? I like to do shopping with my friends or my family.

Where do you live? Mons is a beautiful city.

Have you got any pets? I have three dogs and two cats plus one turtle. 

So please write to me!